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Utilise Azure for Disaster Recovery as a Service

Learn how the power of Microsoft and Zerto can perfect a resilient BC/DR Strategy 

Wednesday, July 24 2019 - 3pm BST

The use of Microsoft Azure in the migration from on-site data centres to the cloud is becoming more and more the obvious step to make. And with the majority of IT teams across the globe being highly experienced and knowledgeable in Microsoft processes, it's easy to see why.

We are going to show you just how straight-forward and efficient it is to get things up and running, and focus on the ways that MS Azure with Zerto simplifies the deployment and management, whilst reducing infrastructure costs and minimising downtime.

We will also take a deeper look at:

  • Replicating both VMware and Hyper-V environments 
  • Setting up the ZCA (Zerto Cloud Appliance) in Azure 
  • Connecting the ZVM (Zerto Virtual Manager) to your vCenter 
  • Using Blob storage for replica disks and journals 
  • Failing-over into Azure and failing-back  

Duration: 30 minutes

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